Jasmine Matus creates jewellery, object and art from her remote studio in the Kimberley WA, Australia.

For Jasmine, creating is an extension of her personality, as if the work was inside her begging to be released into the world. Often times, a design will come to her in the middle of the night, other times, she will simply sit unplanned with a group of tools and materials and let the magic happen.

Jasmine believes that jewellery is intended for wear and display on the body - a walking art gallery for others to enjoy and interact with, it is here that her work comes alive.

Much of Jasmine’s work is experimental in terms of materials and techniques used, scale and concepts applied. It is this consistent experimentation that opens up doors for new possibilities of making. Jewellery is a very personal and intimate medium and it is through this exploration and development that the relationship she has with her work and it’s context in the world grows.

An avid collector of interesting and colourful bits and pieces, eyes ever trained on her detailed environment on the look out for the next unusual found object, trinket or gift from nature waiting to be remodelled and lovingly transformed into wearable art.

The acknowledgement and acceptance that life is transient and the not knowing what is around the corner guides her deeper into the present moment of focusing on what she is making and allows for a fluidity and grace in the work she creates. Jasmine sees her creative making as a form of meditation, calming and grounding.

Amongst participating in numerous group exhibitions both in Australia and overseas, Jasmine has held a solo exhibition - ‘Fragments of an Expanse’ as a result of a four month trip around Australia in where she converted her van into a mobile studio for the purpose of the project. Jasmine has also curated a series of group exhibitions; one of which LINK is currently in full swing at The Berkeley River Lodge in the remote Kimberley WA, Australia.